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Services We Offer

At SPYA Wellness we offer a variety of options to expand a yoga practice including group classes at our main facility, private yoga sessions, community yoga events, and Yoga in the workplace.

All of our Yoga Services feature mindful movement that will be intertwined with yogic principles to help truly expand one's yoga practice in every respect.

We encourage exploration in all areas of your practice, guiding students to develop a practice that truly supports them from the inside-out.

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Group Classes at SPYA Wellness

At SPYA Wellness our group yoga classes are designed with every student in mind. Instruction at SPYA aims to support ALL who show up to the mat, equally offering modifications and opportunities to challenge oneself- meeting you where you are at that day to ensure a safe and supportive practice.

Keep scrolling for a complete current Class Schedule and corresponding descriptions! 

Yoga Class

Private Yoga Instruction

Are you unsure where to begin with a Yoga Practice?

Do you have specific injuries or needs that keep you from growing your yoga practice and have wanted to explore in a more personalized setting?

Perhaps you would just like a one-on-one session tailored just for you?

Contact CYT Victoria Lynn at for more information. 

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Yoga in the Workplace

SPYA Wellness will bring YOGA TO YOU at your workplace!

Schools, Community Groups, and Corporations have taken this opportunity to better support the teams that make the dreams happen. Contact us for more information. 


Community Yoga Instruction

We offer monthly community classes including the well-loved Partner Yoga-Workout Mashup and during the summer we will host a Free Monthly Community Yoga Class and Litter-Pick up at nearby Blue Springs parks/lakes . Stay up to date on all community events by following our Facebook page!

Classes designed with all students in mind. 

Current Class Descriptions:

Rise and Shine Yoga - Monday's 6 A.M.

Start your morning with intention at SPYA Wellness powerful morning yoga class. Class will be flow-style, also known as “Vinyasa”, moving in and out of poses in sync with breath.

Power Flow Yoga  - Wednesday's  5 P.M.

This Class is dynamic and may have some challenging aspects, yet class is always instructed so that all levels of experience are welcome to attend and enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice. 

Mindful Flow - Friday's 9 A.M.

The perfect class to bring awareness and connection to the mind, body, and spirit. Mindful Flow Yoga class is a mix between gentle and slow flow-style yoga class designed for all ages, all body types, all levels of experience or those with no experience at yoga at all!

Chair Yoga Friday's 10:15 A.M. 

Chair Yoga - Friday's 10:15 A.M. 

Yoga truly is accessible for all, and chair yoga is a great way to enjoy so many postures using the support of a chair! Move your body in a way that feels GOOD, cultivate mindfulness, tap into the power of  your breath, and connect with your community. All ages, body types, experiences welcome!

Sign up for classes below. 

Drop in's welcome to attend as long as max participants has not been surpassed. 

Meet the Instructor

Victoria Corcoran, CYT 200, LMT

About the Instructor

Victoria Lynn has been passionate about bringing greater health and happiness to the communities she serves for the past 7 years. Her mission is to empower individuals to find more freedom in their lives through mindful movement, massage and bodywork. We are excited to welcome her to SPY Academy to share Yoga, Stretch Therapy, and Massage Therapy to Blue Springs and surrounding communities. 


“I believe Spirit brought me to yoga and bodywork practices as a means to reconnect to my mind, body, and spirit amidst some major life stressors. ‘Disconnect’ is something I see a lot of people struggle with today. We all have our own trauma's, stressors, and life crises that disconnect us from our 'self' and others. Through movement and breath we can unlock our personal power. We lighten the load of our burdens through mindfulness. We heal through our awareness of the breath in the present moment. We can regain a sense of connectedness and freedom through these mindful practices.


My role as an instructor and bodyworker is to merely be a guide on this journey, and my hope is in the practice you will find keys to unlock greater freedom in your life.”  

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