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Personal Training

With CPT Josh Lewis

1 on 1 training sessions are an extremely valuable tool, and the perfect way to meet your wellness goals and stay accountable.

Prior to your first session, our Certified Personal Trainer will offer you a free 30 minute fitness consultation to discuss your goals and layout a roadmap on how we will get there.

During your first session, our CPT will asses your biomechanics, evaluate muscle imbalances, test range of motion, and record other relative baseline measurements in order to track progress.

Common goals that we help our clients achieve:

- Weight Loss

- Muscle Building

- Strength

- Athletic Performance

- Pain Management

- General Fitness


Single Session - $60 Per Hour

5 Session Pack - $55 Per Hour

10 Session Pack - $50 Per Hour

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Fitness Consultation today.


Call/text 816-969-0559 or email for scheduling and questions.

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Personal Training Packages

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