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Adult Fitness - Group Classes and Individual Personal Training

Enhance your daily lifestyle with SPYA Wellness

Functional  Fitness Group Class -
Tuesday & Thursday 5 P.M.- Wednesday 6 A.M.

Regardless of experience, group fitness class at SPYA Wellness is designed for all skillsets. This class is a mixture of mobility, full body strength, balance and a splash of cardio. 

Personal Training

SPYA Wellness offers 1 on 1 Personal Training for those who want to take the next step on their wellness journey with a personalized exercise program, specific to your fitness goals.

Adult HIIT Class

Our Adult HIIT class is a more intense workout that keeps the heart rate elevated throughout the session. Generally split up in to two different 10-15 minute circuits with a short rest in between.

Individual Sessions Bookings

Personal Training Packages

  • 10 Session Pack

    10 Personal Training sessions(60 minutes) 2x per week
    • Personal Training (60 Minutes)
  • 6 Session Pack

    6 Personal Training Sessions(60 minutes) Must be 2x per week
    • Personal Training (60 Minutes)
  • 10 Session Pack

    10 Personal Training Sessions(30 Minutes), 2x Per Week
    • Personal Training (30 Minutes)
  • 6 Sessions Pack

    6 Personal Training Sessions(30 Minutes), 2x Per Week
    Valid for 3 months
    • Personal Training (30 Minutes)

About the Instructor

Josh Lewis CPT, BS, MS

Josh Lewis has studied exercise and the human body for the past 6 years. He is passionate about spreading his knowledge and helping others along their fitness journey.

Josh has worked with all sorts of fitness populations and had jobs in different fitness settings such as the YMCA, Planet Fitness, the University of Central Missouri Recreation Center and EXOS Sports Performance and Physical Therapy.

Josh is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine who got his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science at the University of Central Missouri, followed by his Masters Degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology before graduating in May of 2022 and starting SPY Academy.

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